Healing Through the Arts for Non-Clinical Practitioners

Everyone has a story to tell, but because of trauma, not everyone can use words to tell it. The purpose of this chapter is to demonstrate an arts-based, trauma-informed, hope-infused movement and storytelling curriculum for adults (ages 19+) who are in recovery from various addictions or traumatic experiences. The curriculum was implemented with a group of five people selected by the supervising agency (Kingdom Recovery) to assess whether or not it proved beneficial to the participants. Assessment methods included before/after class experiences, a movement assessment checklist, and an evaluation survey. The curriculum consisted of seven lessons lasting 90 minutes each, and the goal of the curriculum was to promote life-skill building, healing, and hope. At the end of the seven-week time period, subjects performed pieces they choreographed throughout the sessions as a celebration of their accomplishments and hard work. The goals of the curriculum were accomplished successfully and 100% of the participants noticed an increase in their confidence, empathy, and creativity.