A mobile and wireless brain‐computer interface for communication in daily life

Moving a brain‐computer interface (BCI) from a laboratory demonstration to real‐life applications poses severe challenges to the BCI community [1][2]. Recently, with advances in the biomedical sciences and electronic technologies, the development of a mobile and online BCI has obtained increasing attention in the past decade [3]. A mobile BCI has the advantage of ultimate portability as well as a low system cost derived from using customized Electroencephalogram (EEG) recording and signal processing modules. To implement a mobile BCI with online processing, a mobile terminal such as a mobile phone or a PDA might be an ideal platform for data transmission, signal processing, and feedback presentation. In this study, we aim to integrate a wearable and wireless EEG system with a mobile phone to implement a visual‐evoked potential (VEP) based BCI, which can be used to directly make phone calls based on users’ EEG.