Robotic Arm with Brain ± Computer Interfacing


Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), is a modern technology which is currently revolutionizing the field of signal

processing. BCI helped in the evolution of a new world where man and computer had never been so close. Advancements in

cognitive neuro-sciences facilitated us with better brain imaging techniques and thus interfaces between machines and the human

brain became a reality. Electroencephalography (EEG), which is the measurement and recording of electric signals using sensors

arrayed across the scalp can be used for applications like prosthetic devices, applications in warfare, gaming, virtual reality and

robotics upon signal conditioning and processing.

This paper is entirely based on Brain-Computer Interface with an objective of actuating a robotic arm with the help of

device commands derived from EEG signals. This system unlike any other existing technology is purely non-invasive in nature,

cost effective and is one of its kinds that can serve various requirements such as prosthesis. This paper suggests a low cost system

implementation that can even serve as a reliable substitute for the existing technologies of prosthesis like BIONICS.