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You are not alone! Literally everyone in the world experiences stress, anxiety and fear on a daily basis and we are all trying to find ways to master these beasts.


Maybe you are on a journey towards running your own business, maybe you are a busy person working hard at making a satisfying and successful living, maybe you’re doing your best to take care of those that you love. You are probably dedicated to giving all of your energy to these pursuits, but find yourself stressed out and tired at the end of the day. It’s can be hard to carve out time and cultivate joy.

One of the burdens that comes with being an energetic, forward thinking and busy person is that you’re probably always thinking about the future. You probably spend a lot of time working towards your goals, replying to your emails, checking in with your connections on social media, and digging around trying to constantly be productive.

This takes a toll on a person mentally. You try and carve out a work/life balance by taking a vacation and unplugging from it all.

But maybe you’re like me and when you finally get away on that vacation, the idea of unplugging feels like a physical pain because you feel so much anxiety. How can you actually unplug when you feel like you need to be constantly available and “on”?

Gurus would tell you that what you need to do is practice mindfulness. The art of living in the present.

That’s all well and good, but how exactly do you do that?

I have a really awesome way to be 100% mindful and in the moment, and here it is …..

Try scuba diving!

I’m serious, it works! And it’s not a crazy suggestion! Although the sport has some inherent risks, it’s never been safer and if you get your certification with a reputable training school, you will be shown all the skills you need to succeed.

Let me tell you about how scuba diving has helped me live a more mindful life — the moment my body enters the water, and the moment I start to breath underwater through my regulator, all thoughts leave my mind. It’s as though a calm comes over me, and nothing exists in the world except me, the water, and the cool and beautiful things there are to see.

All the chatter, all the thoughts about my to-do list, all my anxiety about the future, and all the fears about what isn’t getting done while I’m away, those all just go away!

Both literally and figuratively, scuba diving is a peaceful and quiet experience. The most noise you hear is the sound of your own breath, which is quite meditative in itself.

It could be because being completely immersed underwater, breathing though a regulator, and feeling different sensations in your body means that your mind has to focus on the present.

It’s an alien environment, and your body/mind has no choice but to focus on what’s going on exactly right infront of you at the exact moment.

It’s been said time and time again by people who are affected by Post Traumatic Stress Injuries, or by people just looking to relax and unplug from the stresses of life — scuba diving gives you a calm and a perspective that is on the level of zen mastery.

I used to have problems living in the moment, and tried to find ways to appreciate the little things around me. I tried to stop and smell the roses they say.

Now, when I’m diving it’s an amazing immersive and mindful experience. I find joy in the little things, like the colours of fish and plants underwater. The smallest things are worth checking out, and I feel a curiosity about exploring the world in detail.

While scuba diving you can truly live in the present and be at peace.


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